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Tankless Water Heater - Supply & Installation

Navien NPE-240-A2
$ 3550
FIXED PRICE - Supplied & installed
  • Please read description, sizing limitations and requirements below.
    Almost all installations do not require additional work.
  • The equipment above is more than adequate to run 2 standard showers (no rain heads or body jets),
    a dishwasher and a hot water faucet simultaneously.
  • Supply and install 1 x Tankless water heater
    - Disconnect existing hot water supply system.
    - Supply and install PVC flue pipework for exhaust and intake.
    - Supply and install new external and internal gas line from meter, as and if required.
    - Setup appointment with appropriate gas utility to make gas meter changes/ amendments as required.
    - Supply and install shut off valves for all gas supplies, water supply in and water supply out for units, as and if required.
    - Remove all debris and waste from customer site including old water heaters.
    - Test and handover
  • Rebates
    The following rebates are available depending on your gas supplier:
    Spire - $300.00 per unit - maximum 2 units per property
    Ameren Missouri - $300.00 per unit - maximum 2 units per property
    Missouri Propane Association - $300.00 per unit
  • Available Optional Extras

    - Hot Water Recirculation Rules
    - If the basement is FULLY or PARTIALLY finished we will use a bypass recirculaion device - Supply & Install 1 x NaviCirc Device - ADD $285.00
    - If the basement is FULLY UNFINISHED we will use a dedicated recirculation line - Supply & Install up to 100' of dedicated line - ADD $285.00
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