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The English Tankless Heater Specialist was created to deliver the kind of service you want, and should expect from any professional company.

We make every effort to design, specify and install the best high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly products thatwill have positive impacts on your home or work.

We strive to be a green company, creating comfortable living and working environments.

Our Customer policy

Our customers are very important to us.

Everything is in writing as we don’t believe in “verbal” agreements, for your security and ours!!

Most of our work to date has been gained through “ word of mouth” and that’s how we like it.

Our reputation is invaluable and we want that reputation to be maintained and enhanced.


We are factory trained by the 3 main manufacturers in the equipment we specialize in. We are not "dealers" and we have no "salesmen".
Our recommendations and specifications are based on the best equipment for that job.

Fixed Rate/ Flat Rate Pricing

With us you will know exactly what you are paying for and what you will get at the end.

Tankless Water Heater Installations

For natural Gas/ Propane - single units or multiple cascaded units for residential and commercial applications.

Boiler Replacement/ Upgrades

For natural Gas/ Propane - residential and commercial applications.

Services We


We specialize in and offer the following services for residential & commercial clients.

Full Design, Engineering and Installation Services.

Combi Boiler Installations

Combination tankless water heater and boiler.

Design & InstallationRadiant Floor Heating Systems

For existing builds or new builds. Including snow melt systems.

Service & Maintenance

For all brands of tankless water heaters, boilers and combi boilers

Why Us?

Factory Trained

We Know what we're talking about. We will explain it to you at a non-technical/ end-user level. We have most parts on our vehicles or accessible to us next day.

In Budget-On Time

Always. We do what we say were going to do.

No if's.

No but's.

Its done.


If you've been told its not possible - give us a call. We usually have a creative solution for those "hard" jobs!

Free Quotations

Fixed Rate/ Flat Rate Pricing With us you will know exactly what you are paying for and what you will get at the end.

Our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Please bear with us while we update the FAQ’s. If there are any questions you would like to see, please Email Us

30+ Years

Of Experience.

To Give You Better Service.

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